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Everglades Restoration 
Jacksonville Corps
South Florida Water Management District
What they are going to do
What they are doing now

Who did the work to help us figure out how to do it
Southeastern Environmental Research Center
South Florida Information Access (SOFIA)

Would you like all of the news that is fit to print?
The Everglades Village
New Times
Palm Beach Post
Sun Sentinel
Naples Daily News
The Washington Post
Miami Herald

Is anyone talking about this?
Everglades Commons

Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County v. US ACOE et al.

More Links
US Environmental Protection Agency
EPA's Environmental Atlas for Florida
EPA's Office of Water Page for Florida
South Florida Restoration Electronic Library - EPA
Florida's Department of Environmental Protection
Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

Total Maximum Daily Loads
EPA's Total Maximum Daily Load Page
The State of Florida's TMDL Page
Total Maximum Daily Load for Phosphorous for Lake Okeechobee